Getting your own home is Undeniably a dream of everyone. It hardly matters if it is a small apartment, big high rise residential apartment or a luxury villa, everyone loves being in their own home. Nowadays people are experiencing an exciting trend of builder floor apartments which are affordable, easy to maintain with peace of life. These builder floor residential apartments are alluring people who prefer living in low-rise apartments that offer privacy and convenience.

A builder floor apartment is a low-rise residential structure, generally the ground floor, first floor, second floor and third floor. Such apartments are gaining popularity amongst people who are not impressed by sky-touching complexes and wish to have a peaceful and comfortable living. Unlike high rise residential societies, the builder floor is usually developed by individual developers at prominent locations.

Noida Extension Builder Floor Apartment :

Nowadays, several places are crowded with a huge population, traffic congestion and pollution have been major concerns of the residents in the cities. Apart from this affordability has also become the major issue after this pandemic of COVID-19. People are reluctant to make huge investments into the residential real estate market.

Noida Extension has become the choice for real estate investment specially the builder floor apartments. The ongoing development, wider roads, well developed public transport system, good civic facilities and lush green surroundings makes Noida Extension the perfect location for peaceful living.

Government has taken special initiatives to protect the greenery and over 40% of the city is covered with trees and greenery. Noida Extension has many ready to move and ongoing residential projects across the city. Many reputed developers have entered the market looking at the current and upcoming demand for residential apartments. With the affordability, availability of multiple options, big malls and entertainment zones and more, Noida Extension has become the hot destination for the residential real estate market. With the ongoing development, upcoming Noida International Airport, Dadri- Mumbai Railway Corridor the demand for residential market is going to boost further.

With the growing demand for the residential market, the demand for Builder Floor Apartment has gone up drastically as these apartments are much economical, affordable and within the reach of a common man. Noida Extension has multiple options of ready to move builder floor apartments across various locations. One can get the 1BHK/2BHK/3BHK builder floor apartment depending upon the individual budget. These builder floor apartments are spacious, well ventilated and beautifully designed. The size starts from 500 sq ft to 1500 sqft and the price range varies from 11 lakh to 30 lakh depending upon the size and the location. These builder floor apartments are well built with wardrobes, modular kitchen, fan, lighting, false ceiling and much more.

Ready to Move Builder Floor apartments in Noida Extension is the best option as these apartments are affordable, low maintenance cost, cluster free and peace of mind.


● Here are some added and unique advantages of a builder floor apartment:

● A builder floor apartment is much economical and affordable for the people who want to live in

● In a low rise apartment with comfort and convenience.

● A builder floor provides maximum privacy to the owner or the tenant.

● As builders, floors are less crowded and one can enjoy a quiet and peaceful environment.

● The construction quality is better than large group housing societies.

● Many high rise societies in Noida Extension are witnessing poor construction quality and poor maintenance.

● Builder floor buildings also offer 24x7 security system and CCTV monitoring.

● You can easily exit from the building in the event of earthquakes and fires or any other emergencies.

● The high rise residential societies are built in clusters; they have a better community living environment.

● Builder floor apartments have more greenery than traditional apartments.

● The monthly maintenance cost is very low as in case of high rise residential societies one has to pay fixed monthly charges.

● As there are limited families in the builder floor complex so better harmony and peace of life.

Why Builder Floor in Noida Extension ?

It is very important to understand what a builder floor apartment is, and how it is different from a high rise residential apartment. The difference between the two is vast, and it is vital that, as an owner, you should understand and then take the ideal decision.

Ownership – In case of high rise residential apartment, the property agreement only states that The buyer is only the specific residential unit owner. On the other hand, in a builder flat, the floor owner is also the part owner of the plot. Builder floor apartment are generally free hold properties and the high rise residential apartments are leased properties. Builder floors are authorized and there is nothing illegal about independent builder floors.

Freedom & Independence – Another important difference between a high rise apartment and a Builder floor is that having an entire floor provides more freedom and privacy to the buyer. Since builder floor are not under the jurisdiction of Greater Noida Authority so the owners has freedom to do the modifications as they wish to.

Maintenance Cost – The monthly maintenance cost is very low in builder floor as compared to high rise apartment. In high rise residential societies, ppl has to pay fixed monthly charges for maintenance, recreation and entertainment zones and more. Whether you use the facility or not you have to pay the fixed monthly charges but in case of builder floor these cost are Negligible.

Amenities – Although there is lack of amenities such as a typical gymnasium, swimming pool, community hall, garden for children and senior citizens are absent but now a days many developers are coming out with builder floor projects where these basic amenities are part of the project.

FAQ’s : Builder Floor in Noida Extension :

Ans - A builder floor is an independent residential unit on the entire floor of a low-rise building with three- four floors. These residential units are developed and sold individually, thereby making sure of privacy. These builder floors are economical as compared to high rise apartments and villas.
Ans - The key benefit of a builder floor apartment is that it allows you to own an independent residential unit with privacy and comfort. A builder floor apartment comes with freedom from maintenance charges. The builder floor apartments are not much crowded unlike high rise residential societies.
Ans - Its safe to purchase a builder floor apartments if the property meets all the legal requirements as per Government laws. One should check all the legal documents before buying a builder floor apartment.
Ans - Maintenance activities must be undertaken by the owner, unlike larger residential units which are taken care of by the respective society in totality. Also, club, gymnasium, parks and Other community facilities are not available in most builder floor apartments.
Ans - There aren’t many reputed builders Risk of poor-quality construction. Maintenance activities to be taken care by the owner Lack of recreation and entertainment zones
Ans - The process of owning a builder floor is similar to any other residential property process. The buyer and seller have to pay the required government tax and get the agreement registered in the tehsildar’s office.
Ans - Yes there are many ready to move builder floor apartment options are available in Noida Extension. One can get good options for 1BHK / 2BHK / 3BHK ready to move and under construction options in Noida Extension.
Ans - The starting price for 1 bhk starts from 16 lacs, 2 bhk from 25 lacs and 3 bhk 34 lacs.

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